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New Agent Program


NewAgentâ„¢ is a risk-free, easy-to-implement program for recruiting new Maryland real estate agents that offers the potential of a continuous supply of agents who have recently passed the state licensing exam. It is based on your referral of prospective agents to PDI for online training.

How Does the Program Work?

Simply refer students to our website where they can enroll in the course. We will handle payment and all administrative details, contact students at various points during the course to offer guidance, encouragement and answer any questions they may have on the course content. Alternatively, you can refer them to our office to have questions answered and receive assistance in enrolling. Students you refer to PDI will receive special benefits not available to other students and you will receive special benefits not available to other brokers.

Why Should I Refer Students for Online Training?

  • No Minimum Enrollment or Fixed Starting Dates. You don't have to guarantee a minimum enrollment or wait until enough students sign up to make the class economically feasible to run. Students may enroll any time they wish throughout the year.
  • Training Room is Not Necessary. Since the students will take the training entirely online, you won't have to provide a training room. If you do have one and wish to do so, we will use it for the prep class. If not, we will use our own classroom.
  • You Can Start Immediately. You don't have to wait for approval of your training room from the Maryland Higher Education Commission, which can take several months.

Why Should I Use PDI?

  • Solid Reputation for Quality and Professionalism. PDI enjoys considerable name recognition and is known for the excellence of its courses, instructors, and administrative staff.
  • The leader in Maryland Real Estate Education. Since our founding in 1998, we have educated thousands of real estate professionals on line and in broker and settlement attorney offices, hotels and our own classrooms. We train half the agents who take the required course to become a Maryland broker and are the number one seller of Recampus distance learning continuing education courses in the Maryland-DC-Virginia region.
  • Free Exam Prep. We will enroll your referrals in our exam prep class at no charge and acknowledge you as the sponsor of the free class. Ordinarily, the cost of the class is $99.00.
  • Opportunity for You to Keep in Touch. With the students' permission, we will notify you of their progress 60, 75 and 90 days after enrollment and when the course has been successfully completed. This will give you an opportunity to keep in touch, offer encouragement and congratulations and affirm your interest in discussing affiliation with them.
  • Free Advertising on our Web Site. At no charge, we will advertise on our web site that you are actively seeking new agents and post promotional materials you prepare describing the benefits of joining your firm.
  • Superior Results. Perhaps most importantly, PDI delivers. Based on the most recent test results available for the current reporting year, the first time pass rate of PDI's real estate agent pre-licensing students on both the national and Maryland portions of the state exam significantly exceeds the state-wide results for all real estate schools.

What's the Next Step?

Contact Winnie Gathitu, Assistant Director, at 240-514-2326 or by email,, for details and to make arrangements.

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